Friday, February 1, 2008

Introducing Saoirse Bella!

My beautiful girlfriend was born January 27th and weighed in at 5 pounds 9 ounces! She is tiny, but strong...and I decided I like her more than anyone else likes her...I respect her thoughts and believe in her completely. Don't get me wrong, her parents seem to adore her, but I just think that I like her the most. Here's proof:

(I'm waiting for my sister to have the opportunity to share pictures of her before I show all the cuteness...and there is a lot of cuteness to be shared)

To tide you over, I will share a picture of the new big brother (my nephew Darrigan). I'm sorry that you have to tilt a bit, but if you risk it, you will see the look of someone completely satisfied with their NEW BIG BROTHER CAKE...which is important stuff.


LISA said...

They are both adorable.How is her name phoneticly?

Lori said...

Ok you! I had to read your comment twice to understand that you must have done another post!

To say I'm impressed is a huge understatement!

Your niece is beautiful and I've no question that she likes you best too! ;)

Darrigan (love that name) is a ham just like his auntie D.

I think you're procrastinating so you don't have to pack! Where are you little peanuts going to stay?? Is there a sitter that will come by and visit them and take them for walks??

So glad you made it home ok! Smooches!

Jocelyn said...

I am sure you like her more then anyone else...I know that is how I feel about my sister's kiddos!!:-) See you in a week!! WOOHOOO!!! We get in at 8ish Sunday night..with bells on:-)

Lori said...

I'm getting soo excited - I cannot stand it!!! Only two more full days of being here before you leave! WOW!

Lori said...

BTW... did anyone ever tell you that you should be a writer???

My MP and I both agree that it's the ONLY option for a stay at home mom with impecable writing skills such as yourself!