Monday, November 19, 2007

I want it. I need it. The 7 week itch?

When my adorable two year old nephew, Darrigan, has a high interest level in an object (such as a menu) he clearly states the obvious "I want it." If he is met with any resistance he looks you straight in the eye, and with a serious look he says, "I need it."
Well I feel as passionately about a court date as he does the menu. I need it.


Jocelyn said...

:-( I hoped you'd hear today...the good news is Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Ethiopia the last time I that means maybe you'll still hear this week.

susan said...

He says, "I really need it." I think you REALLY need this more. Love you.

Lori said...

Your date is coming!!! Your nephew is adorable - what a personality!!

Chelsea Bergeron said...

I hope your court date comes soon so that you can bring your baby home for Christmas :)