Wednesday, November 21, 2007


On a random note, every night I dream about Jude. We have gone on a zillion adventures together. We just have the best times. I've even spent time with him when he is all different ages. I'm very lucky.
A few nights ago, Tommy said I was laughing really hard and saying "oh, people are going to laugh at you and Jude, but do what you want!" Obviously curious, Tommy asked me "Why, are they going to laugh at us?" Waking up, I immediately got irritated and sternly replied, "Don't wake me up!" (By the way, I'm much better tempered than that in my dreams). The next morning, I remembered my dream and told him about the ridiculously mismatched outfit Tommy had dressed Jude in. I feel badly for Tommy because he only has super hero action dreams. I just can't believe they haven't met.


Lori said...

You crack me up! You mean you didn't roll over to your husband (with sleepytime breath) and plant a big wet kiss on him (like they would in the movies)!

What a rotten wife! :) You do know I'm LOL, right? Sounds like your adventures at night are wonderful - it's coming soon!! Lor

Wer1spirit said...

You're so awesome! My only recurring dream when Charles was on the way was that I put him in the refrigerator for safe keeping, consequently freaking my husband out when he got home. I think I even used tupperware. (There's gotta be something Freudian or Jungian in there). Fortunately, that never actually happened! Although I did frequently prop his carseat on the dryer when he was collicky.