Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day Eight, Thursday

We made bracelets with A today. She was proud of her beaded bracelet, but seemed a little bit sad also. She finally communicated with us that she wanted to make one for her best friend, even requesting another of her favorite bead.
Later our family shared cookies. The three of us gobbled ours. A saved half of her cookie for her best friend and carefully brushed my cookie crumbs off of my pants.
A shared everything she had with her best friend, no matter how coveted.
Everything she did was magic to me. She was beautiful and gentle and just the easiest person to fall completely in love with.
She had learned the routine. When it was time to go, we found Sister (the strong, kind woman who runs the center). Sister tells A in Amharic that we will be back tomorrow. A’s long, very skinny legs stiffened and she refused. She looked exactly like baby Bambi when he was learning how to walk. She silently objected to us leaving. Although my heart hurt, I was proud of her.

*Update: A’s best friend left last week. Although I am thrilled for her friend and her friend's sweet family, my heart breaks for my little girl. She was her family. I cried the day she was going to lose her best friend. I cry as I write this. My little girl. How much loss can one person experience…

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