Saturday, December 6, 2008

Last few weeks...

We had a blast spending the weekend with family in San Diego. Judah loves Sea World.

Below is a picture from San Diego of our niece Saoirse and nephew Darrigan.

My favorite conversation of the day:

Darrigan: Auntie, according to the map the Manatees are right here.
Me: Darrigan, what is a Manatee? (Really, since when do 3-year-olds know about maps and Manatees? I needed more information).
Darrigan: Well, Auntie, a Manatee is a sea animal that's kind of like (he pauses, looks up and brushes his hair out of his face in thought)...a walrus.
Me: Yes, Darrigan. I think you are right.

Hanging out at home.

Here Judah is just starting to blow me kisses. His eyes really do sparkle when he's giving good sugar.

Thanksgiving fun up in Arnold, CA. We stayed in one of my very favorite tiny gold rush towns called Murphy's. I don't want to brag, but we stayed in a hotel that a president once stayed in. President Grant that is. Also Black Bart and Mark Twain...and it hasn't changed a bit. We felt cool. Yup, doesn't take much.

Disney days during Christmas time are always a good thing.

Tonight we put up decorations and the Christmas tree. Notice Jude's brand new, hand made, super cute winter booties (our sweet neighbor just gave them to him)!

This last picture is all about me congratulating myself on completing a small project. It's not unheard of.
My new Christmas napkin rings. The pictures are of places that are close to our hearts (Mammoth, Bora Bora, Nagano, Addis Ababa, Paris, Hermosillo). I like them :)


Jocelyn said...

I love Judah's booties and his chubby legs too!! Your project came out great...I am very impressed!!

Ted and Lori said...

YEs, I'm with Joc on the chubby legs. And how wonderful that Judah will actually wear a hat! Abe immediately takes his off if there's no chin strap--and I have the exact same blue/white/red cap for Abe (Eagle Rock Target???) but he won't wear it. Grrr.

Heather said...

very impressive craftiness, D!

yes the booties are cute, but dont hold a candle to his booty. I cant wait to squish at Christmas.

Darrigan's brilliance is staggering. Here's hoping he imparts all his fancy knowledge onto his already genius little cousin.

Daddy said...

Not to brag, but Judah was wearing matching mittens all morning, too! He loves to accessorize!

Eastiopians said...

I love your Christmas napkin rings with the pics of special places! That is a great idea. Where do you get the napkin rings that hold photos or did you make them from scratch? I'm not too crafty, but I would like to give that project a shot. I hope you guys have a fantastic Christmas! Don't forget to post a pic of Judah laughing soon...I need my fix. :)