Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kwanzaa 1 (Unity)

We like honoring Judah's African heritage, we like the 7 principals, and we love celebrating his Ethiopian heritage/culture. So, we took Kwanzaa as another opportunity to do so. I watched The Black Candle for the first time (any time I get the chance to listen to Maya, I must), Judah got a great book about Kwanzaa from Auntie Nicole, and we went out to eat Ethiopian food with a great group of family and friends. We had fun. Kwanzaa has been officially added to our winter holiday festivities. So many ideas for next year! The holidays keep coming...New Year's, then Ethiopian Christmas on January 7th...I love winter!

Judah loves to share injera. Gursha.

Judah loves to eat injera.

Judah loves his family and friends.

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