Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Siblings? No Siblings? What do you think?

I've talked with people who think that siblings are a must. I've also talked with only children who think they had it REALLY good and never wanted siblings.
We are currently one nauseatingly happy family. I know it's a question that only WE can answer, but we are having a tough time with it.
I love our family. As is. We still feel super mobile. I'm not worried AT ALL about traveling with our Jude, etc. He's EASY (not that EASY is an important attribute, but hard IS, well, HARD). But, I never want him to feel lonely.
Obviously, there is room in our hearts for many more. No matter what we decide, we will be thrilled and it will be perfect for us. We are not making any decisions in the near future. But, I still want input. Are people REALLY better off/happier with siblings? I'm not sure (this is by no means a diss on MY lovely siblings).


Lori said...

Hey, are you on facebook? I am!

Lori said...

Tough one! MP was on one fence and I on another... After many months of discussion it was very clear to us both that our family complete meant four of us (five if you count snoopy)! And we moved full steam ahead! Three years later, after agonizing fertility and the roller coaster of international adoption we have our complete family and we KNOW it was just perfect how it all unfolded! It will very clear to you both at some point and you will be content with whatever the decision shall be!

jen said...

I always think the more the merrier.

Heather said...


Seriously, though - have you ever met anyone that wishes they hadnt had siblings? Whereas while there are some only children that may have loved it - there are tons that wish they had grown up with brothers and sisters. I think more is the way to go - though I completely understand that contemplating any change to your current perfect situation seems crazy!

Rebecca said...

I think siblings are fun! The more the merrier!

J'Laine said...

I have the same delema...I also is possible for me to love another as much as I love Simret. Possibly not? As I love her so much that it hurts...but then I see others who do it and can love each child just as intensely? ???? I stuggle with this idea as well. Sometimes, I also think, do others think that I should have another child, so that I don't talk or think as much about Simret, have a become that annoying friend that only talks about how great their kid is...probably?

Anonymous said...

Well, I never thought about it until my father passed away. Then it was just mom, my brother and me. I dont think that just as a kid it is important to have a sibling. i think as adults it is good to have someone. Family is family no matter what. I would say yes to the sibling. Think about years down the line when you and your husband are gone. It will be good for Jude to have someone. Just my opinion. Ali

Anonymous said...

It’s a tough choice.
I’m one of 7 kids; Jerry is one of 5. But, unless there’s something in store that we’re unaware of, Tyler will be an only child. It’s not necessarily a choice we made, but more just how things have turned out.
I adore my siblings but we’re pretty tight. However, there’s never a guarantee that siblings will be.
Plus, I’ve met Judah. There is no way that fabulous boy will ever be lonely. :)
Anyway, what ever your decision, it will be right for your family.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Walkers! I love your blog, though this is the first time I've posted. You guys remind me of my family. My hubby and I have an only. A son who is 8. I always thought I'd want two kids since I have a sibling; hubby grew up as a happy only. We've chosen, VERY happily, to remain a family of three. We are perfectly balanced this way. I have a Little Sister from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and she fulfills my girl urge. Plus I am like you, Danni- my friends ARE my family and so I feel that I have lots of kids! We spend so much time with kids all around us. But then we can cocoon with our family of three again, and it feels so right. Whatever you decide will feel right for you, too, if you listen to your heart. Best wishes, and thank you for sharing your beautiful selves with the world. I must have watched the videos of Judah laughing about a dozen times on hard days- that boy can lift spirits for sure! :-) (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))for someone I feel is a soul sister.

Paula L

Jillienne said...

Hi there, I am obviously on the sibling band wagon, you know with almost 6 kids and all.

But from experience, I was an only child and when I was young that seemed fantastic to me, now being "slightly" older I really wish I had a sibling close in age. Someone to connect with on a big family level.

Just my 2 cents, I think you will be fabulous whichever way you decided, as long as you stop waking that baby up at night! LOL


Michelle said...

I hate to leave a message so long after your post, but as I am wrestling with the same issue, I thought I'd let you know there's someone else out there in the same boat. I adopted my little guy 9 months ago, and actually started the process for his sibling last summer. I'm now on hold, though, for many reasons. Chief among them that we, too, are nauseatingly happy as we are right now. I'm so scared I'll blow it if we add to the family. Then again, whenever I see pics of other cute babies, though, I question waiting. Best of luck to you!