Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy 16 months Judah!

Please MAKE IT STOP! Seriously. Stop time already.
This is such an exciting time. Every single day he has new accomplishments that his mommy knows are miraculous. Today, for instance, he said "Scarlett" (our Whippet) SO clearly (/dardIt/) I thought I might fall over with pride. TWO step directions, NO PROBLEM. Oh, and he said, "Dada shoe" while lugging the huge shoe to give to his Daddy.
I know.
I can hardly take it too.
It's good stuff.
I'm a speech-language pathologist, this is the stuff I LIVE for.
Well, that, and how he insisted on giving EVERY person at daycare a kiss before he left today. It WAS his birthday and he felt special. That's pretty good stuff too.


nana said...

Judah knows he is so loved that he has to share it at daycare. Whatever you are doing-is working. (except for that waking up at night episode)
Happy 16 months Judah! Love and hugs Nana.

Nicole and Andy said...

He's such a generous baby. I hope you had a good time in SD with the family! XOXO

Nicole and Andy said...

If you want, Andy and I can take him for awhile. We have a house, a maid's quarters, and can definitely hire 1-2 nannies. I'm just saying, we can take him off your hands, seeing as how he is a very difficult baby.

J'Laine said...

Happy 16 months Judah...and such amazing language skills? I wish that I was at his daycare to get some of that love...
good stuff

Ted and Lori said...

I got so excited recently when Abe did exactly what I said: Go give Dad your cup. Amazing. That Jude is wonderful.