Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tesfahun, my hope

Our beautiful little one's Ethiopian name is Tesfahun, which means "be my hope"...Translated, it's quite a big job for a 4 month old, isn't it? As Carey wrote, and I completely agree with, he is "an old soul." I'm sure the name is fitting. The most common compliment given to him (besides how amazingly cute he obviously is) is how he looks smart. I completely agree.
Speaking of names, Tommy seems to prefer Judah, I'm leaning toward Jude. We don't fight over this and are ok with the dispute. You can feel free to call him either Jude or Judah. I won't be offended. If you would like to call him Tesfahun, that's ok too.
The name (which I actually like very much) Tesfahun, got me thinking, what is "my hope" for Jude? I hope that he loves life. I hope that he makes amazing lifelong friendships. I hope that he makes the world a little bit more beautiful. I hope he has passion, loves to learn, and the confidence to try. I hope he loves his family. I hope he loves adventure. I hope he feels proud of his roots. I hope he feels he is always loved. I hope he gives. Most of all I hope he doesn't take himself too seriously and laughs often. Tesfahun, I love you already. You are my hope.

On a different note, I heard from our agency that they were expecting "some court dates early next week"...I'm thinking that since it will be 9 weeks tomorrow since we received our referral that we should be in that "some" group...I will let you know the moment I hear. I just can't wait to get my hands on all that goodness- all that hope.


Lori said...

Very beautiful - :)

Amy said...

I always seem to either tear up or laugh with every entry you write. Looking forward to the day that I will scream with the court date...please be soon! That is my hope for you, T, and J.T.

Lori said...

Okay, you probably already know how to do this, I'm a bit behind on technology stuff though!!

If you highlight the words that you want to be the link, then click on the hyperlink button (next to font color button). Then you can paste the url that you want to be directed to... make sense??

I think you're going to hear something this week, I pray!

Jocelyn said...

This is the week...I can feel it:-)

susan said...

Praying that your family will be united soon. I love you!

Angie said...

wow, you are so close to us - we actually live in santa monica, just went down to irvine for the documentary! we ought to meet up sometime. my husband's sister lives in pasadena so we get out that way fairly often. small, small world. :)
i hope you get your court date pronto - judah is so awesome!!

Lori said...

Ok, now I'm sorta stalking your blog like you were stalking the mailman way back when waiting for the approval form I171-H (it's crazy that I'm not sure I remember the official form numbers/letters anymore). I keep waiting for your court date (I'm certain you've forgotten and are going about your day blissful and unaware).

Anyway, know that I'm stalking, and waiting! :)

Renee said...

We waited 9 weeks fo our court date to be scheduled so I know how hard it is- hang in there! Thanks for your comments tonight :) it really helps to know pulling are pulling for us!

Nicole said...

Oh I know this waiting is KILLING you, I'm sorry. Soon you will be holding your baby. I miss you and love you!

Lori said...

How dare you - me, no clue, you win!!!! W-T-H-ECK, (trying to be friendly here)???? You cannot, cannot, cannot do this to me when I'm leaving for Chicago in a few plus hours!!! GRRR..... "I'll get you my pretty!" I have some ideas, but none make any sense - this will keep me very busy while on a plane all alone for a couple of hours tomorrow. Lucky for you, I have a blackberry and may just email you some of my thoughts! Darn-it! ;0 YOU WIN THIS ROUND!

Gurskes said...

HI thanks for dropping by our blog! I read down through yours a little ways...all I can say is


Also your comment about the dogs not getting attention (which mind you I was laughing histerically at that blog, you are very funny) people always tell us that too! We have two Labs and honestly they are always at our feet,legs, face, hands.....well they are always by us sooo how could we not notice them and pay attention to them!

Anyhoo...praying for a court date for your family!


Amy B. said...

Any word on a court date. I think about you guys all the time. The wait must be getting so difficult. Has your agency said anything this week about the possibilities?