Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Jude!

Yesterday was Jude's 5-month birthday! I can't believe that he is already 5 months- he was just 10 weeks when we first saw, and lost our hearts, to that little perfect lipped, old-soul-eyed babe! But don't get me wrong- I'm not pouting. No more of that for me. I'm actually super happy. Every day we are getting closer to him...
And I have so many other reasons to celebrate. Life is just really good right now. I finished all my coursework and competency exams for my MA in speech-language pathology. I am leaving for Hawai'i on Monday (for a babymoon extravaganza), which also happens to be my BIRTHDAY (whoohooo, I finally get to experience the big three-two everyone has been chatting about all these years)!
I've had nothing but fun this week. I took my best friend's babe to the zoo. I've had time to cook, shop, read, (texts that are NOT even required - i.e. no dysphagia, voice, or neuro books. I told you, life is too good right now) and drink wine. AND I have a court date next month! Plus things are going well in blogland (referrals, successful court dates, and I'm feeling more on the horizon - Lori, this is mostly about you.).
This was not meant to be a braggy-brag post, but I wrote about how upset I was when it took almost 11 weeks to get a court date - now I feel like I must share that I've been singing and dancing around my house for the last 8 days ... and no one can stop me. My husband tried once. I can tell you that story.
He was mellow. I didn't think the mellowness added to my joy. No one should be unsupportive of joy. So I asked him if he thought his current blahness was affecting my happiness level (I believe the term, although I'm not proud, was "happiness stealer"). He said he was not a happiness stealer (and stated his preference for being called a "happiness dealer"). But, he just didn't feel like being THAT happy at THAT moment. So, I left him for a few minutes to sing a ridiculous, yet completely original, song about how much I love my pups (my dogs are so generous that they don't even care that I'm tone deaf). I also made up an "I love Tommy" boogie to put him in a better mood. Yep, this is a typical night at our house. Poor Jude.
Did I mention that every day we are closer to him? ... and Hawaii makes time go by A LOT more quickly (it's been scientifically studied- I'll post my personal data next week).
I hope everyone has a wondrous Christmas! I will be thinking of you all and wishing you and your children, here and in Ethiopia, a miraculous day filled with love and peace.
Cheers to you all - you inspire me!


Lori said...

Can I just say... I love you?!
You are too funny and wonderful! It is completely unfair that you also happen to live in my favorite part of this country of ours! I heart CA!!!


Lori said...

Ooops, I pressed "enter" too soon!
Sorry! I thought that you were leaving tomorrow, silly me, I have my days mixed up! Anywho... I wish you could take us with you!

I can totally relate to feeling like you know someone, or better yet, "get" someone... that's how I felt the first time I read your blog! And I remember thinking, "why doesn't she post more"? It angered me greatly! ;)

The ramblings of this NH lady could go on forever.... hugs and kisses to you guys - I'll miss you!

ps. Are you following Drew and Carey? There has been some talk of a union of us next year in August?!?! Wouldn't that be a freakin' hoot? Must do!

Jocelyn said...

Have a wonderful trip...hopefully you and I will both be dancing, screaming and crying on 1/17th and 1/18th. Then we will be having the best play date ever in Addis 3 weeks later:-) I so hope I get to meet you and Jude!!

Chris said...

So happy for you! Jude is a very very lucky little boy!