Thursday, April 5, 2007

Our adoption so far...

We have talked about adoption for years. We love kids and have always wanted a big family. This, coupled with our passion for travel and learning about other cultures, attracted us to international adoption. I thought that since I am currently obsessing about the topic, "blogging" would be a healthy expression. Which country? A HUGE dilemma. The question is partially so perplexing because, doesn't really matter to us. And then it does. It doesn't matter because we are certain that no matter which country the child comes from, that will be our child, meant and destined to be a part of our family. We will try our best to teach that child respect and appreciation for the culture of their country...and with our passion for travel, we are sure to visit.
So, I started reading. I read about the pros and cons of international adoption. Quite frankly, I was amazed at how many "cons" were put out there. I started feeling almost defensive. People judgingly ask, what about children from this country? I have lived abroad. I very well may live abroad again. I love this country, but first I consider myself a citizen of the world. I worry about all children without families. Many children living in this world face a reality where they have limited food and medicine, and no opportunity for an education. I very well may adopt from the U.S. in the future, but right now, international adoption is my calling.
Then there is the issue of adopting outside of the parent's race. Another huge issue. Some believe that this should NEVER happen, stating reasons such as white parents being unable to teach their child about racism. I come from a biracial household and genuinely felt special as a child because of it. I just cannot believe that a child is better off without adequate food, medicine, education, or parents than with us. I do not believe in attempting to be "color blind." Colors in life should stay bright, be celebrated, and be learned from.
I know that regardless of the country we choose, we will have lots to think about and read about in preparation...and I'm thrilled.


susan said...

So proud of you! I love your views!

Lori said...

I love your story and your blog... we're in the same spot (almost) on our adventure! So excited for you!

Here's our blog if you're interested!

If you don't mind, I'll add you to my "links".

Good luck - I look forward to following your journey to Ethiopia!

Lori :)