Monday, November 21, 2011


I often find myself having more thoughts than I could ever process. More concerns, more guilt, more questions than I can comprehend. Clinging to the people that understand. Being unsure how to interact with those that don't. Thinking I need to explain, when words aren't necessary. Thinking I don't need to explain, then quickly (or not so quickly) realizing I do. A state that obsesses over death, trauma, loss, parenting, race, hair, discipline, language development, neurology, pragmatics, culture, family and so much more. Sometimes it feels good to let all of it go and just look at us. When I take away all of those thoughts, all of our real struggles, something very important emerges clearly. Despite all (that word is not nearly long enough) of it, we are unbelievably filled with joy. Each of us. We have ridiculous amounts of fun. We trust and love each other. We are silly. We are thriving. From their struggles, my children have skills, strength and beauty beyond their years. Despite it all, they are happy. There are not enough words to express how proud of them I am. So we dance.

I am so thankful for my babies - such funny, smart and strong souls. 


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Jenny said...

I am DYING! Thank you for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving, Walkers :)

calkeebler said...

more videos!! they are stars! Happy thanksgiving to all of you!