Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Big News!

We are excited and thrilled and scared to announce:

We are growing our family!

We don't know any details yet (boy, girl, age, etc). We just know that there will be one more person in this crazy clan. We'll let you know the details as we figure them out :)

YAY! Judah's getting himself a sibling!

Note: I'm a Mrs. Flakeyflakerson. I have done some fun crafty stuff with J. I have. I just haven't posted. Perhaps it will be a one time per month gig :) We've been a bit busy with iHeartAdoption.
If you haven't had time, please take a peek.


Jocelyn said...

YAY!!!! I AM SHOCKED:-) Seriously though, I am soooo excited and can't wait to see your family grow!! I love him or her already!!

Amy said...

It's as it should be!

J'Laine said...

Congrats to you and Judah! Cannot wait to find out more...Judah will be an amazing brother! I'm sooooo happy for you guys!

Eastiopians said...

WAHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!! What a gift for Judah!!!! Siblings are one of the greatest gifts on this planet. Of course, I am super happy for you too, haha!


msl said...

Yayyyy!!!! Sooo excited for you guys!! Judah is going to be one amazing big brother!!

Lea said...

Yay!! Awesome news!

susan said...

You know I can't wait, don't you?

Nana said...

Best news ever! Love and hugs, Nana.

Rebecca said...

This is excellent-fabulous-wonderful-great news!