Monday, February 9, 2009

One Year Ago

we were in Ethiopia waiting impatiently. It makes me long for my friends who were in Ethiopia with us. It makes me reflect upon the last year. It makes me cry very happy tears and feel unbelievably grateful. It makes me scared that Jude is growing too quickly. It makes me need to go back. I am in disbelief that it's been a year. Expect a few very emotional late night posts this week :)


Jocelyn said...

I miss you too:-)

Eastiopians said...

What a difference a year of life can make right? Judah is gorgeous and I think you should defintely go back. :)

Jillienne said...

Wow...a year goes by so fast!

jen said...

congratulations on this incredible milestone!! I've been out of town and away from blogland but I'm happy to see you on fb.
Will you please include us if you go private?
jenferg2002 at

xo xo Jen

J'Laine said...

I miss you and Ethiopia as well. I cannot believe that it is a year tomorrow. Today was a year ago that we met in person-over champange; the night before meeting our children. Ahhh...take me back.