Thursday, October 23, 2008

Because I still do what Lori says...

Tagged...7 weird things about me...

1. I used to subscribe to People. I knew I needed to quit. So I finally did.
Ok, I'm kind of lying. Although I quit subscribing to People, I still scan and occasionally peruse ... sometimes, when I'm just not satisfied and feel like I need an additional resource, I will go to I'm never proud. This is one of my darkest secrets. Now that the secret is out, I will stop trying to figure out how to erase my history. People, I just can't quit you. Although I swear I haven't voted on anyone's best hair color for months. That's progress, right?
2. I love pumpkin pie more than any one else on earth. Seriously. Just try to find me a competitor.
3. I love to sit around with good friends and/or family and drink wine and be silly. If you don't like to do this, I don't understand anything about you and I'm rightly suspicious.
4. I have been planning on exercising tomorrow for the past year or so. Right now I'm sick (seriously - fever, cold, cough, the whole shabang - it's a sad story). The only thing I like about being sick is that it takes away the guilt I feel for not exercising. You must be healthy to exercise, people!
5. I bit my nails for a very, very long time. I did a good job too. No halfway bitten look here. I stopped. Now I actually CUT my nails (to stop from accidentally injuring my child - I'm not the most coordinated of people). I feel pride with each snip.
6. I can't watch cartoons. I can have the best intentions for dedicated viewing, but 3 minutes in, I realize I haven't paid any attention. Tommy likes cartoons. This irritates him.
7. The same is for books on tape. Can't do it. LOVE to read. I tried to listen to a book on tape every single day for months during my commute to work. It was like Groundhog's Day. Couldn't do it. 3 minutes in I realized I hadn't paid attention yet. My theory is that I'm extremely visual (I realize this theory doesn't work for cartoons). Maybe that's why I tuned out High School. All of it.


Eastiopians said...

Girl, you are my people! *cheers*


Lori said...

OMG, Danni I'm in stitches...

We are very similar beings girl! Minus the whole politics stuff ~

Wine, oh, it's a love affair I have! Tess and I will stop by later today and hang out in our sweats on the couch with you and Jude looking all sick and crappy with two bottles of wine! Wouldn't that be fun?? What time do you want us and most importantly, what kind of junk food shall I bring???

I can't decide which one is the best one, I love them all and can relate to all of them except for the People thing - I knew you were shallow but not to this degree! ;)

When I used to get my nails done (eons ago) my big treat was to read all those gossip magazines and stare at the pretty people!

Audio books... ditto, ditto!

Love you Danni ~ Lor

J'Laine said...

We have very similar interests...minus the People scene. I did not know that about you? Interesting...
Also, I still bite my nails; but it is while enjoying a good glass of wine of course. And I might be able to complete with the pumpkin pie fetish...from about 2 years of age until 6th mom tells me that I would only eat sunny-side-up eggs for breakfast (which makes me nauseated to even contemplate now) and mac & cheese and pumpkin pie for lunch and dinner. She says that she would even pack it in my lunch to take to school (what a great mom!).
I just made my first pumpkin pie-using a real live pumpkin last week-it was lovely to say the least...much better than that canned stuff I have used in the past. Maybe I could send you one...although it would be much more fun to eat it together over a glass of wine?
miss you!

courtney rose said...

LOVED READING THIS. I say cheers to many things you discussed- one being the need to read People, the other to the inability to get through more than 3 minutes with a book on tape. Have you checked out They, too, provide some good information. For rizzle.