Thursday, May 22, 2008


Here's what's happening:
Starvation claiming Ethiopia's tiniest

If you can, please help:


Lori said...

Danni, I've been crying on and off all week about this... I too started research to see where my money would best be used and would have the fastest impact. I ended up sponsoring a child with our agency because it will be immediate and a long term aid to him/her and will impact their whole family's food and health supply... If I hadn't been made aware of these facts from our agency just this morning Unicef was my top pick! Kuddos for posting, I'm going to do one when we get official word from the agency next week about how families can do something NOW! :)

xo Lor
ps. more Jude pic. please!

silent democracy does not work said...

I think what you have touched upon is the essence of womanhood. Women strive to fill the world with the joyful crys of childen, while trying to make the world a better environment for our families, by educating... ourselves. Joy is not universally guaranteed, and that is a tragedy. So a reminder to give back is a good thing. Go UNICEF! And more GRANDPA POWER! As you can see I am just catching up, and JUDAH spreads all that JOY selfishly. HAPPY GRADUATION!
Love and hugs, the "other" Grandma.