Sunday, April 6, 2008

The National Hot Rod Association Welcomes Jude!

Tommy works at a special place. The people there are simply wonderful. Supportive is too minimal a word to describe the group...Last Friday they threw Judah a welcome party- here are some pictures of the celebration. Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

Hi Danni! It was great to be able to chat with you (at least a little bit) on Friday. It also reaffirmed my belief that Judah is the happiest baby EVER! :) He's is so sweet.
Also, Tyler now thinks Tommy is the coolest guy on the planet. "Tommy has sticky-uppy hair and he is the tallest of all!"
(again, only anonymous because I'm not smart enough to figure out how not to be ;))

Lori said...

He is just stunning! I've NEVER seen a little babe so darn happy in my life, every pic. of him is smiling!! My favorite pic. of all is of you holding him with his bottle! Absolute favorite! He is chunk-a-licous! I want to get my hands on that kid and squeeze him til he pukes! :)

LISA said...

WoW! That was nice of his co-workers!!I do agree with everyone...he sure smiles the cutest smile!

brotayjax said...

How nice of Tommy's colleagues. What strikes me however, is how happy Jude is. Not that he wasn't a completely happy li'l man when I met him, but there's something more now...

Looking at his daddy in the pictures, he's just as inlove as Tommy is with him.

Looking at the camera (and I can only assume it's mommy behind the lens), he's all smiles and those smiles are not for the camera, they are for his mommy.

Nothing but love! I miss you guys more than words can express and hope I get to see ALL of you in June!