Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day and 9 month birthday Judah!

My big boy can now stand for very very limited moments. As if he wasn't busy enough perfecting almost standing with help, Jude also filmed for his TV debut (which I will let you know about as soon as I find out more info). Yesterday he went on his first hike [6 miles, mom is proud (of herself and him) and sore!]. Today we went to an Earth festival and La Brea Tar Pits. Judah is a very busy person.

PLEASE VOTE FOR A NEW NAME FOR OUR BLOG! I've always wanted to do a poll and now my dream has finally come to fruition. Thanks for being a helper!

I'll post new so-cute-it-actually-hurts-me pics/videos soon.



Jocelyn said...

Happy Birthday Judah...we miss you!!! Good job Mama...6 miles!! WOOHOO!!

jen said...

Love earth day. Happy birthday Judah! Can't wait for the so-cute-it-hurts pics/videos.

LISA said...

9 months!I'm ready for the pics and video!!

Sarah said...

Happy 9 months!!!! I voted, although I am fond of The adventures of baby squish, I went with a different choice. Reading the name "baby squish" does make me smile and feel happy though, just like looking a Judah. Maybe Baby Squish is the way to go? I might have to change my vote :)

Mish said...

Happy 9 months to the little guy! What fun. Glad you had a good Earth Day! Wasn't able to vote...technical difficulties over here. I couldn't see the choices.
Can't wait for new pics and videos!!
LOVE YOU guys,

susan said...

Mama (Grandma) voted!
Love you!!!!

Mindy said...

WOW 6 miles you go girl....Tommy who knew be careful you don't want to be the next pic at the holiday party! Just kidding you are both great. I have ordered some music for baby Jude
Tommy I will bring to work once I get it. Oh yeah by the way Mom, you guys need to come and visit. We can do a group lunch or I make great peanut butter and sugar free jelly sandwiches. I would love to see you both again. Anyway enough from the crazy lady sitting at the kitchen table by her self reading and laughing. Thank you all for sharing.


Nicole and Andy said...

isn't there a wat to set up a poll on this to vote? Or did you already do that and I just didn't make it down far enough on the blog? How about Judah's Journey(s)?

Nicole and Andy said...

Oh, I see it now. My internet is very slow. TIT after all. I voted to the one closest to my suggestion.

Amy said...

I voted...
Although, it looks like all of your votes are pretty even. That is probably not helpful. :)

Yah for 9 month old Judah! Standing...then WALKING...EVERYWHERE! :)

Way to hike..

Lori said...

It stayed up long enough for me to press "comment" but I still haven't been able to read you post!! :( I'm very upset!

Let's see, I'll pretend I know what the post was and reply accordingly;

ME: Wow, that is brilliant! How did he do that, he is amazing! I'm glad you posted and love the new pictures... that last one with Judah driving cracks me up! How did he ever learn to drive so fast?

Anyway... this must be fixed, and fast! ;) xox Lor

J'Laine said...

Happy Birth/Earth Day to you and Judah...cannot wait for the pictures.
miss you guys like crazy!
send Tommy our love...
jill, simret and the boys

Lori said...

FINALLY!! I can SEE it now without it leaving! Perhaps it had something to do with the vote thing??? And I'm angry that I missed my chance at voting! Well, there's always November! :)

Great job on the hike, sound invigorating... that little bundle is going to be walking before you know it!! New video please!!