Friday, January 4, 2008

More Complaints!

Now I've had too many formal complaints (yes, in writing) to ignore, so I need to continue to add addendums to my list.

Examples of the complaints:
"I noticed there are two people missing being mentioned from this post, I won't say who, but I'll give you a is one of them."
"What about your mother? Is she chopped liver? I guess she is...."
"Now the world knows that you are a mother forgetter."
"My sister forgot to mention her mother in her blog and she had 32 + 1 chances to."
"I'm happy to be number 1, but you forgot about my dogs."

I'm pretty sure that my 32 things about ME list was not meant to be a popularity contest among my immediate family members. I should have known better than to post anything so controversial. It is obviously VERY important to an extremely small subset of people to "make it" onto my blog. So here it goes:

34. Mom, I love you. You are stupendous and make the world's best soup.

Just what I needed, now I'm even older!


Lori said...

GIVE UP!!! You'll never get everyone on there!! :)

I know what they mean. It seems that I barely mention anyone that is actually part of my life other than my husband and son on the blog. People would be shocked to learn that I have friends and see my family often.... It must be a blog thing. I also think that it may be that we're writing for an audience of other adoptive parents who may not want to hear all the details of what happens in our day to day lives etc. Make sense?? AS FOR ME, I would love to learn more about your Mum and family! Your Mum obviously is a genius who raised smart, independant women! So, Kudos to Danni's Mom. :)

susan said...

Not a genius, but I do make good soup. I guess that's the key to everything... :-) Seriously I give credit to my three daughter's, they are truly amazing, ambitious, and hardworking young women.

Sarah and Tim said...

Too funny!
I will say, though, it's really nice that your family reads your blog....