Monday, August 13, 2007

I am a breezy mailman stalker!

We have everything for our dossier except for our I171-H form (immigration approval). AAA is wonderful because if you are a premier member (we upgraded, now I'm fancy and you can brag about knowing who I am) they will notarize 10 documents a day for free. They are very nice people that way. I've been busy stalking our mail carrier (even though I don't really expect the I171-H form to come yet). I am hopeful, so I stalk. This is way more daring than it sounds. Our mail carrier is spicy. I'm just warning...DO NOT leave junk mail in the mailbox to throw away later and then forget and leave it in the box. She does NOT like that. I don't know her stance on stalking, but I have a feeling she may be against that, too. I have to be smooth and I don't believe smoothness is a personal strength. We'll see.
As soon as we have the I171-H, I can ship the dossier off. Then I will be able to stay awake nights waiting for THE phone call. My eye twitch is still going full force. I'm sure waiting for THE phone call will totally fix that up.
Oh, and as many people have been informed, I will be defined in fall 2007 as "breezy". It's a new thing. No more overdoing stuff, wanting things to be perfect, obsessively researching, overanalyzing, or running about with an eye twitch. Fall 2007 me=breezy (my definition of the word, not Webster's). I go with the flow. stalking breezy? I may have to reevaluate. Oh,'s not fall yet. Hurry up I171-H...Hurry, hurry...HURRY!

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Nicole and Andy said...

it really is Tommy's fault for leaving my one piece of junk mail in there for so long. Remember when she told me how much she hated you guys? Wow I've missed a lot on your blog, I must catch up. Thank goodness for prep time!