Friday, July 27, 2007

I600A form filed, fingerprints...check, check!

We have filed our I600A form, which, upon approval, will allow us to bring an orphan into the US (we actually asked for approval of two children, just in case). This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months (I've heard as little as two weeks and as long as four months) to approve. We should be able to gather the remaining documents during this time. So, when we get the news in the mail that we are approved, we should be ready to authenticate our documents and ship em off to Ethiopia. It would be then that we would be "officially waiting" for a referral. Very exciting!


Anonymous said...

Hurry home little one! Love, Mom/Grandma

Nicole said...

Yeah! And I heard today that Dad FINALLY found out about fingerprints. For having been a sheriff for so long he isn't very knowledgeable about fingerprints...thank goodness he is retiring soon!

Mary said...

how exciting Danielle! Congratulations to you and Tommy. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with you and you mom while you were in Eugene. Hope to see you and your little one before long!

Anonymous said...

Love the cute timeline!
Susan (Mom)