Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Catching Aster take an extra peek of herself in the mirror; seeing her eyes twinkle with happiness at how she looked in her uniform.
Seeing my eyes fill with tears during the drive to school and discussing how they were going to make me feel better,
"I'm going to draw you a beautiful picture to make you feel better mommy" and
"I'm going to tell you about all the good food I eat for lunch to make you happy" (Yes, I do realize that them comforting ME is a pathetic parenting low- but, I'm still proud of how sweet they are).
Aster's prideful posture as she walked into her classroom.
Aster's eyes when she saw her name on her desk.
Aster telling me "Mommy, I have to tell you something" followed by a whispered, "I'm going to miss you today"
Judah running to hug his sister one last time and following it up with a big, exaggerated kiss on her cheek (not a high of the day for Aster).
Catching Aster doing an over her shoulder last look, followed by a recommitment to the proud posture.
Judah telling his teacher, "I've already given my parents hugs and kisses. I'm ready to play."
In response to my, "Have fun today!" Judah shrugging with confidence and saying matter-of-factly, "Of course I will."
Spying Judah run full speed onto the playground and hearing his bigger than life laugh/cheer/hoot boom.
Knowing that Judah would be ok.
My sweet girl getting her heart hurt, "I KNEW how to play mom. I knew the game. They didn't want to high five me. They were being bad. So sad I tell teacher, 'I don't feel better' so I can stop playing and just look."


one + one said...

My heart swam and sank reading this. Hope tomorrow is better for your sweet girl.

jen said...

your family is more than lovely. thank you for sharing these sweet highs and tender low. you should be proud of them comforting you, and I don't think there is anything pathetic about your parenting.