Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More on Siblings

We were sitting side-by-side, getting our makeup done (practice for doing wedding makeup in Thailand next summer) when the makeup artist asked her first question,

"What's your skin care regimen?"
I panicked.
I knew the truth would displease her. I like to please. And we had just met.
I started to stammer and stall for time.
I decided a confused look was best.

My sister saw my panic and saved me. We both knew it was best that the makeup artist understood who she was dealing with up front.

She blurted the truth, "Sometimes a bar of soap in the shower...like Irish Spring?"
I laughed and was grateful for her honesty.

The next question was even trickier.
"Have you always been close?"
I paused and slowly said, "Yes?" with question obvious in my voice.
Nicole looked at me like I lied.
I backed up the statement.
"We shared a room. We were close in proximity."

I realize that even though she lives in Thailand and we no longer have proximity on our side, we ARE close.
Judah would be lucky to have that when he's 33.

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