Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Most Boring Post Ever...

Although this has to be the Best Age Ever and we are having the Best Time Ever.
Judah is so much fun. Every day he learns a few more words. Today's words: cheetah, mochi (a delicious Japanese snack), trailer. I'm sure there were more, but these were the few that stood out today.

Judah had a rough week last week. We have now gotten all the tests back and everything came back normal. He has been acting his perfect Judah self for the last week. We probably won't ever know what was wrong, but he's all better now.

A new Judah feature. He no longer grabs desired items. Instead, he looks you in the eye and says "SORRY" in a very thoughtful and sweet manner.
Then takes the item.
This "sorry" is also used if you are touching something he doesn't want you to touch. For example, if you are touching the shopping cart in the same place he would like to race his car, he will do the "sorry" bit and gently move your arm.
The meaning of "sorry" has now evolved to mean, "You are going to have to move now" or "I'm going to take that now." It's so much better than the mean baby moves and it happens to be so cute I can't stop it (as manipulative as it seems).

I've mentioned that Judah is protective of his mama. Still is. Tommy took a board book from me tonight and the roar that came out of my babe was impressive. Tommy gave the book to him and he promptly gave it back to me with a lean hug and understanding nod. You don't mess with Judah's mama. He demands you treat his mama with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
We have been busy people.
Just to prepare you, I am now going to list things we've been up to (I once promised myself that I would never do this. Hopefully this will be the last time.).
Here's the short version: Roof/Vacation/Sister/Sister/Change/Book/Summer Vacation
Feel free to stop reading now.
Here's the long version:
Yesterday our new roof was finished. We didn't do it ourselves. Two stories with a ridiculously dangerous pitch. I guess they needed special insurance due to the crazy pitch. Tommy thought he could do it. I said, "NO!"
We are planning a trip to Munich/Czech/Krakow/Slovakia. We are going this summer.
My little sister is visiting in 3 weeks from Thailand. We will have too much fun.
My older sister is visiting in 3 weeks (we will be celebrating her new PhD.). We will have too much fun.
We've been considering major life changes, which we are excited and nervous about.
We've been working on our book project, which is turning out way better than either of us hoped. Hopefully it will be done in a few short weeks.
I have four weeks left of work (before the summer), so I'm busy finishing up.
Oh, and I'm still busy holding my breath :(
Which I'm NOT happy about.


J'Laine said...

Sounds like an exciting couple of weeks coming up with your siblings. Maybe Judah needs a sibling? Is this the life changing news? I hate being in the dark! Patience is not a strong virtue of mine...but I am working on it (Simret helps). Well, no matter the news...I hope it all works out and I am holding my breath as well...until the secret is finally revealed! So, glad Jude is doing well-it is so stressful when they are not themselves and you cannot figure out a reason.
miss you all tons!

Lindsay and Shannon said...

I've been holding my breath for over a month now and hate it too. It's ridiculous how long we can do such a thing when forced too. I hope you get to let it out soon!

Nicole said...

This IS the boringest post ever because I've been reading it EVERYDAY for a week (maybe longer?). Hurry up and give me a fix. I need Judah love immediately because I still have two weeks to wait before I can love on him. Thank you, and please.

Dani Schmidt said...

So again, I know you don't know me, but I love your blog. I hate writing, so I don't have one, but I love yours! and Judah!
BTW, this is not a boring post. You have a gift with words and i am dying to here the news.
If you every come to Santa Cruz, I'd love to host your family. My son, Abenezer was at the Thomas center with Judah.
Email me if you are interested.