Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Teeth for Fall

Update for Auntie Heather:
We now officially have two small, cute and very important bottom teeth which are almost completely in! I chose this picture specifically because it highlights his chompers (and because in the pic he's teasing me and is insanely happy about it. He knows that I want him to keep on his hat- so he touches his hat, looks at me, and we both laugh hysterically...good times).

Just some Fall cuteness.

I'm now officially a GODMOTHER (and yes, I do now respond to that name- so you too can refer to me as Godmother if you'd like). Here is a picture of me with my godson, the adorable sweetie-pie, Cooper!

A very typical Jude expression and I have to note that the hair just keeps getting better and better. I LOVE him in his fabulous Ethiopian outfits. It just doesn't get better.
Judah is quite supportive of UCLA (or it could have been the cute 9-year-old girl sitting behind us that he just couldn't keep his eyes off of- he's got game).


Jocelyn said...

Love those little teeth Judah!! Where did you get that sweater and hat?? It is sooooo adorable (of course it doesn't hurt that the model wearing them is too cute for words)!!

Rebecca said...

Does Judah always have a smile on his face? It sure seems like it! He's too cute for words!

Evelyn said...

Could a boy get any cuter? Everyone looks so happy :)

The Zimmers said...

Seriously, he is the cutest boy I have ever laid eyes on! And, I've only seen pictures! And, as often as you get the cute comments, my guess is that they never get old!

What a joy he continues to be for your family! I am thrilled to see your blessings continue to abound!

Heather said...

He is too delicious. I am so proud of him for growing in his first two teeth!! Way to go my little man. I miss I miss I miss.

Heather said...

and congratulations Godmother!

Lori said...

I want to just bite his little toothies! They're so darn cute!!!

He is priceless - man!!!! What a flirt.


Ellen said...

he is absolutely precious - I have been sitting here a while reading your journey. Thank you for sharing your story!


jen said...

Hooray for teeth! Also, hooray for Judah's hats. He's so cute.