Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mammoth and Arnold, CA

I wrote this while we were in Mammoth earlier this month:

It’s been 6 months now that Judah has been in our arms and longer that he’s been in our hearts. Every day people make comments about how spectacular he is…and my thought is always the same, “you have no idea just how spectacular.” I hope all mothers feel this way. I’m sure they do.
Today we were on a shuttle bus through beautiful Mammoth Lakes. A French boy, of about 15, said something and people laughed. His sister interpreted for us. “Your son will be a lover.” The comment was obviously in reference to his flirty ways. My son had single handily captivated ½ the bus with his artful moves.
When I’m holding him he often leans and reaches for other people- so that he can flirt and socialize more properly. This may sound alarming to some, but it has never bothered me (although I like to joke that it does). When we are alone, he repeatedly whispers “mama” while gently patting my face, outlines my lips with his fingers, and grabs me and kisses me. I don’t see him treat anyone else with such sensitive romance; he lets me know I’m special.
I think about who he is…what I know about him so far. He just turned 12 months, so it’s impossible to say that I know who he will be (but I do think I know all of the important stuff already). I’m proud of that person. More than proud, enamored by.
He returns every smile with his heart. He laughs at all jokes and even has a polite smirk for “good tries.” He loves to be the showman, but is very sensitive and sweet. He pats people gently to let them know he loves them. He pretends to be shy sometimes, but he’s not. He stands up for himself and does not like to be laughed at. His social needs are rarely fulfilled and he tries very hard to be everyone’s friend. He’s smart, not super emotionally complex, and confidant. You never have to guess how he’s feeling; it’s ALL out there. He dances to music in a way that’s obvious that he feels each beat, hums peacefully when going to sleep, chats to himself- sometimes in a whisper when sorting things out, sings from his belly, squeals with ear piercing happiness, and grunts (LOUDLY) with determination when poopin’. My son holds nothing back, laughs more often than not, and lives with so much exuberance I can’t help but look at him with admiration. He is unique and I’m so glad that I get to spend the rest of my life celebrating his.
Bryan: “Judah, you are such a cute baby.”
Judah: “Thank you.”
Bryan: “Did he just say ‘thank you?’”
Us: “Yes, he did.”

Tommy (joking with Judah at a coffee shop): “You don’t get to have a drink here.”
Judah: “Yes, I do.”
Server: “Did he just say “Yes, I do”?”
Us (laughing): “Yes, I think so.”
Server (with a confused look): “Wow, I really thought I heard him say that.”
*Judah did end up drinking a smoothie. So, he was right.

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Amy B. said...

What a sweet description of Judah. The pictures are gorgeous. What a beautiful place...and what a beautiful baby boy :)


Selly said...

Aww! Judah 'The Prince Charming'. So sweet. ;)

Selly said...

Judah 'The Prince Charming'. So sweet! ;)

Rebecca said...

Such a sweet post! I love it when moms talk about how much they appreciate their children - I'm sure sometimes things get discouraging, but I like to hear the good parts. :) I'm so glad you are getting to enjoy every part of Judah. He sounds like such a sweet boy. And, a precious boy!

courtney rose said...

Beautiful montage- both with words and pictures. Beautiful.

Jocelyn said...

That was such an amazing post...but how could it not be when your talking about Judah...he is so special!!

Nicole said...

This is so sweet danni. I really need to skype with you soon when he is AWAKE! Love you!

jen said...

I also hope all moms feel this way about their children. Great post!

Heather said...

*trying not to cry at work* I miss you guys. what was I thinking moving all the way out here?? finding a dog sitter and booking a flight to come home inmediatamente.

Celeste Flores said...

awesomely beautiful family. i'm so thrilled to be among this (extended) gene pool. if i have to go over d's head, the kids and i are coming down there. and hey, did i hear talk of thanksgiving in arnold?

Eastiopians said...

Aw, Judah! Love that description of him. It is true...everyone else only gets a glimpse of how wonderful your child is. We as parents get the greatest gift in seeing the everyday silly moments and the quiet and profound moments. It is such an honor to be a parent.

brotayjax said...

You write like a poet, Danielle...your love and wonder just shines through when you share Judah with us.

I thank you for sharing him with us. He has made me smile from the moment I met him and every time I read your blog, I feel so lucky to know him.

Love you all... Aly

Lindy Young said...

What a beautiful post. I have tears running down my face seeing you two together in your special private moments. I know we have no idea how cool he really is, but thanks for the glimpse.