Friday, July 4, 2008

Thank you...

I've been lucky enough to stay home with Jude for the past 4 1/2 months. So, this past week was hard for me. It was hard for little Jude too. Monday, he was "subdued" (not Judah like AT ALL) and asked for his "mama" (the moments when his stellar language skills seem to make it all the more painful to leave, he ASKS for me!) and by Wednesday he was sick (cough, cold, throwing up even). But, he is just so lucky to have his Nana. His Nana (he named her!) even quit her job so that she could care for Jude while his mommy was gone during the day. We don't know what we would have done without her. It was so nice to know that he was being SO well taken care of. This morning when she left for the weekend, he gave his super-sad-bottom-lip-puffed-out face, reserved for truly sad scenarios. He loves his Nana!


Nicole said...

We've all been watching the videos here. I have internet now!!! He is too much to handle.

J'Laine said...

I am sorry you have to go through this transition. It is heartbreaking to leave them for the first time. Simret loves her home daycare; however, lately (I guess it is the age) she has been crying everytime I drop her off and reaching for me to come kills me! and in a sad voice between cries...saying "mama" "mama". It is so nice to know that they are good hands though.
we miss you guys...and I will call you this week about the reunion. I am still trying to talk Lance into his mother is coming up that weekend to visit for a week.
miss you guys!

Eastiopians said...

I am so glad that he has connected to you so strongly! It sounds like he truly knows who his mama is even after going through all that he did to get to you. Precious boy. I cannot wait to start the process...I say that all the time, I know. But, I will probably continue saying it until I get my hands on our babe from ET. :)

silent democracy does not work said...

Danielle and Tommy,
Thank you back-It is such a priviledge to be able to care for Judah while you are supporting his future. I'm overwhelmed that he has started to appreciate me (Nana) and he still loves Mommy and Daddy SO MUCH-demonstrated by his squeals of JOY upon their return, that we have confirmed that Judah just has tons of love to share and a heart so pure.
It just keeps getting better. You know that he will just be estatic to see his maternal Grandparents again after they return from vacation. Judah is just awesome.
Luckiest Grandma!-Nana