Thursday, June 19, 2008

My little brilliant dude!

Much has happened that I would like to take time documenting (e.g. our wonderful trip to see Ashley, Simret, Pacey and their wonderful parents, the MEGASTATION launch, etc).

But, the universe obviously needs more Judah love now, therefore, it is my duty to share :)

Jude is finally showing serious teething signs. Have you ever seen anyone as happy with their teething biscuit?

Jude is mobile! Yes, he's moving!*

*Crawling is currently, not a strength. We think his form appears wounded army soldieresque.

Judah's language comprehension and production is VERY good. Mama's speech-language pathology side couldn't be prouder! Mind you, this is just a sample of average work and in by no way represents his range of abilities :)


Heather said...

I suck. And the person missing out the most is obviously me. I need some Squishy McShquisherton time ASAP. He's so brilliant - this auntie is overflowing with pride!!

On a side note - is he is danger of some serious war wounds - ie., rug burn - w that new crawling style?

Heather said...

oh - and - way to show to the world - and all those haters, er, I mean CARLOS! that our Jude has lived up to his last name AND his mama's profession - DUCK! DOG-GAH! KICK KICK KICK!

Ted and Lori said...

I love the video of him crawling in wounded soldier style! This time in L.a. has *flown* by, and I'm so sorry we haven't seen you. We're staying until Sat morn. Might you and Judah be up for a Friday coffee-date at Sworks???

tanyareimers said...

I love the new videos, especially Judah crawling. Adorable!!

Jocelyn said...

Judah is just plain brilliant. He is so articulate. That crawl is amazing too:-) I think Pacey will need to watch her brother tomorrow to get some tips!! Miss you guys too!! See you in only 6 weeks...YAY!!!

J'Laine said...

I love the crawl...and he is so smart! It was great to see you guys and him. I miss you all already!