Friday, September 21, 2007

Tracking...WAY more gratifying than stalking!

I love tracking. You just click a few times and there you have it...the exact location of our dossier in transit to D.C. We shipped it last night and presto- it arrived this morning! Our dossier had a very busy night, not stopping for more than an hour. I've never been more fond of UPS. Magnificent work if you ask me. A company made of pure magic. This is way more instantly gratifying than stalking our spicy mail carrier.
So, we first decided on adopting a girl, then a boy, then a girl again, then perhaps two, then one, then two, then boy only. I don't post with each change, because I realize that the confusion and exhaustion is just too much to handle... But, I am thinking that all of the changes are for good reason. We are SO completely open. We just want to be parents already. I'm just saying, when we get our referral, don't expect a certain age/gender...because decision making is not a strength of the Tommy and Danielle team (or remember, it could be because of my previous, more whimsical and positive claim of just being so "open").
I think that our package is going to hang out in DC for a week or two. Then, it will be shipped back to us and we will send it to our agency. At that time we should be officially waiting. I think. With me being so breezy, it's hard to know (you know me, just going with the flow...I believe summer is officially over tomorrow).
Is obsessively tracking breezy?


Lori said...

Does this mean you left gender "open"?? We literally switched to that last minute too. We had asked for a boy and then I was driving home one day and this overwhelming feeling came over me that we should not be picking, but be receiving what we're meant for!
Oh, good luck! Lori

Jocelyn said...

I just happened upon your blog while I was on google trying to find other CHI bloggers:-) Really I am trying to find these blogs so I can see if there is a certain day of the week referrals are usually given by Lisa:-)I know, I am pathetic...but I am ready and waiting;-) Congrats on almost joining the waiting club!!

Sarah and Tim said...

We've played that game, too. My husband would love a girl, me a boy. But we're approved for either gender, and all that matters is we become a family of three. It's more of the not knowing that's crazy. I mean, there are only so many gender-neutral things you can buy in advance!